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We offer various products and services for the pharmaceutical sector. We specialize in software development, creation and work with databases, applications, data processing and analyzing and statistical evaluation. Furthermore we develop and provide individual solutions based on client requirements.

Application development

CRM systems, applications for management
transfer orders, educational activities,
administration of non-monetary benefits.

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Data processing

Processing of data sales reports, ad hoc
reports, stock level monitoring and data

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Marketing products

Market research, direct mailing
web-based continuing medical
education products.

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Call center services

Telemarketing and services of telesales
representatives using our own database
of health care professionals and institutions.

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We create applications

We develop applications for more effective work in the pharmaceutical field. We have solutions for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android platforms.
Get acquainted with our existing solutions for field force and marketing!

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We develop CRM systems, applications for management transfer orders,
educational activities and non-monetary benefits administration

We deal with development of offline and online applications. Our clients benefit from our long-term experience not only in developing
but also in using and administration of such projects.

Transfer orders

The application is used to realize transfer orders directly at the pharmacy and send
it to the distributor. It is possible to track order status directly within the application.
The user has the possibility to monitor stock levels and availability of selected products
in distributor stock. The application enables users to set specific campaigns, conditions
for different chains, pharmacies and has various other functions.

Available for following platforms:

CRM Sapphire

CRM is based on up-to-date technologies and allows flexible data integration.
It is possible to modify it according to specific client requests. CRM as one of few
is connected to the validation center – call center operators. Thus the database
of health care professionals and institutions is regularly updated.

Available for following platforms:

Non-monetary a monetary benefits

We have developed a new web application for administration of non-monetary
and monetary benefits. This application allows you precisely register benefits
and create reports in the form requested by official authorities in Slovakia
(National Health Information Center, Tax Office) and European authorities (EFPIA).
Our web application is simple for users and timesaving. The changes in the law
(Law No. 362/2011 z.z. on Medicines and Medical Devices) which entered into
force January 1, 2016 are incorporated in the new application as well.


The application is intended for organizers of continuing medical educational activities.
It is an offline application connected to Slovak Medical Chamber (SMC) that sends lists
of participants for approval. Credits obtained from CME are automatically registered
within SMC.

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Good quality data are crucial

Before you make a decision you need to collect facts, have
correct analyses, accurate data. More than 25 clients make
decisions based on our data analyses.

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We provide sales reports processing, ad hoc reports,
stock level monitoring and data analyses

Data processing used by our clients on a daily basis helps them to make decisions, conduct analyses,
to set sales strategies and develop business.


Sales reports are processed in weekly or monthly
cycles according to client requests. Processed sales
data are dispatched to client within 48 hours from
the last sales report delivery.

Ad hoc reports and data analyses

Individual reports following customer demands formed
from IMS data, SAP or other external sources, including
automatic data processing possibilities („at one click“).

Stock level monitoring

Regular stock level monitoring on weekly or monthly
basis in the form of user-friendly reports. Possibility
of setting and monitoring limits for stock levels.

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Marketing communication

Contact your clients actively and regularly using different
communication channels or their combination. We will
help you to select the most suitable and effective way
of communication you need.

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We provide market researches, direct mailing, web-based
continuing medical education products

To cover services and products to increase your sale we offer the concept of multichannel communication
with final customer applying advanced information technologies. We use the tools themselves or combined.

Market research

We provide complex services concerning
market research from project proposal considering
client needs to research execution. We put
emphasis on data collection, precise statistic
evaluation, clear result presentation,
recommendations and marketing consultation
in order to solve the project.

Direct mailing

Contacting selected target group of health care
professionals (HCP) by addressed mail. Our own
regularly validated database of HCP and institutions
is used for this service. We provide printing, packaging
and dispatching the consignments. Our own database
has been validated since 2008. Thanks to the good
quality database we are highly successful in mail
delivery. The amount of undelivered mail is only
up to 2%.


We operate an electronic system of continuing medical
education for different HCP specializations. When HCP
pass the autodidactic test, they get credits from Slovak
Medical Chamber (SMC). The education is accredited
by SMC. This modern on-line way of education brings
lower organizational costs in comparison to „live“
activities in the field.

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Marketing and telesales

Communicate with existing and potential clients
by phone. Get information about market needs
in a short time, sell your product and get feedback
from the pharmaceutical field.

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We provide telemarketing and telesales medical representatives services
using our own database of HCP and institutions

Our call center is ready to communicate your messages to selected group of HCP. Call operators with long-term experience
in the pharmaceutical field guarantee high-quality complex services.


Delivery of marketing message based on pre-arranged script. Important messages
are delivered to a selected group of specialists quickly and efficiently. The service
also includes extracting target groups of specialists from our database.

Tele Medical Representative

Contact non-target pharmacies which are not focused on by medical representatives.
A call operator contacts the pharmacy and sells given products. Beside the sale
you receive feedback that can be used for setting future marketing strategies.

Database of HCP and institutions

We own a database of health care professionals (HCP) and institutions in Slovakia and Czech Republic. The database is regularly updated by call operators. We offer the use of this high-quality
database in various services, products and applications. Our call operators are ready to sell on the phone, deliver specific marketing messages quickly and also conduct short telephone
market research or „recall tests“.

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We work with data and we understand them

Our company has been growing dynamically since 2008. The applications we develop and services we provide are used in health care and pharmaceutical
industry in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We have long-term experience with data, development of applications, software and marketing services.
Our ambition is to provide services to clients who look for new and innovative solutions leading to more effective work and increase of earnings.
We are challenged by new market opportunities. Thanks to our knowledge, experience and proactive approach we keep working on continual development
and innovations of our services and applications you make use of in your everyday life. Our clients and their satisfaction with our service and products
are important for us.

RNDr. Petra Miškovičová

Marketing Manager, Belupo

„We cooperate with Karatnet since 2012. Our cooperation started with product
e-pharmacies. Because of satisfaction with provided services we expanded
cooperation later on with following products: market research, direct mailng,
telemarketing. We appreciate flexibility, proactive and professional approach.
We are generally very satisfied with quality of employee, their responsibility,
reliability and their adherence to agreed conditions.“

Ing. Milan Macura

Product Manager, Mylan s.r.o.

„We have with company Karatnet longtime and broad cooperation. We are using CRM
system with validated database, processing of data sales and stock reports. Provided
services are delivered on time and with professional approach. We can recommend
Karatnet as reliable partner.“